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UST Expedited Preapproval Process

Underground Storage Tank (UST) Preapproval Program

Expedited Process

Revised On: Dec. 1, 2023 - 6:00 p.m.

If contamination is discovered that represents an imminent threat to human health and the environment, UST owners and operators may qualify for the expedited Preapproval process.1 Applications submitted through this process will be prioritized for expedited review by ADEQ.

If a receptor is found to be impacted by the release, then the UST owner or operator must act immediately to mitigate that impact. For example, if contaminants from a UST release are found in a water supply well at concentrations in excess of aquifer water quality standards, then the sampling results must be sent immediately to ADEQ | Email > Additional temporary or permanent solutions may be required following an evaluation of the health risk posed by the detected contaminant concentrations.


To qualify for this process applicants must:

Process Steps

At any time during this process, UST owners and operators may initiate corrective actions under their financial assurance mechanism or may start the standard preapproval process, if applicable.

1. Contact ADEQ to report newly confirmed release (24-hour report) or identify a situation that is an immediate threat to public health and the environment:

              UST Hotline: 602-771-0333
              Email > and Email > 

2. Request an expedited preapproval eligibility evaluation by submitting:

3. Provide applicable documentation to demonstrate compliance with FR requirements, if not already on file with ADEQ. ADEQ encourages you to review preapproval eligibility requirements prior to conducting field work to ensure that potential applicants understand requirements for demonstrating eligibility.

If you rely on UST insurance to demonstrate compliance with FR:

  • document you met notification and release reporting requirements in your policy
  • submit a work and cost estimate to UST insurance (as applicable) and ADEQ
  • submit proposed schedule for work

If you are subject to a cost-share obligation, you do not need to seek preapproval of costs within your $50,000 cost-share obligation. If you decide to go through preapproval, you must provide:

  • documentation of appropriate notice, as applicable
  • a work and cost estimate
  • a schedule for work

4. ADEQ review/determination. If proposed work is not eligible for expedited preapproval (and is eligible for the standard preapproval process), ADEQ will contact the applicant to set up a kick-off meeting and initiate standard preapproval process | Learn More >

5. Ensure that all work is conducted in accordance with regulatory requirements, ADEQ guidance and industry standards. Carefully consider data needs for risk-based evaluations, exposure pathways, accelerated cleanup and closure options.

6. Submit documentation of work conducted.

7. Submit reimbursement request with invoices, detailed cost sheet, and documentation of payment by the UST owner or operator.

1In accordance with Arizona Revised Statutes (A.R.S.) § 49-1051(K) | View >