Laws and Rules

Rulemaking Process

After an issue arises that needs coordinated action by ADEQ and stakeholders, ADEQ may convene Path Forward meetings to understand how best to solve the issue. A decision to undertake rulemaking may be made.  Learn more about the Rule Process >

Annual Regulatory Agenda

ADEQ's anticipated regulatory agenda | View >

Active Rulemakings

ADEQ maintains a list of active rulemakings |  View >

Completed Rulemakings 

ADEQ maintains a list of final rulemakings for two years after their effective dates | Air Quality | Waste Programs | Water Quality >

Substantive Policy Statements

ADEQ interpretation that is advisory only, and does not add requirements or penalties | View > 

State Environmental Laws

  • Arizona Revised Statutes – Official codification of all Arizona enacted statutes | View >
  • Arizona Administrative Code – Official codification of all Arizona adopted Rule | View >
  • Arizona Rules Summary | View >
  • Arizona Legislative Information System (ALIS) – Official website of the Arizona Legislature provides access to pending bills, legislative calendars, committee assignments and recent session laws | View >

Federal Environmental Laws

  • Major Environmental Law – EPA links to major federal environmental statutes (including the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act and Resource Conservation and Recovery Act) | View >
  • United States Code – Official codification of all federal statutes enacted by Congress | View >