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WPD | Solid Waste Section

Waste Programs Division

Solid Waste Section

Revised On: Nov. 13, 2023 - 9:40 a.m.

The Solid Waste Section is responsible for permitting, inspecting, and providing compliance assistance to solid waste facilities. The main functions of the Solid Waste Program include:

  • Issuing permits, certifications and licenses to solid waste facilities
  • Conducting solid waste facility inspections to ensure compliance in accordance with state and federal regulations
  • Responding to and investigating any complaints related to solid waste
  • Providing information to the public regarding proper residential and commercial disposal of solid waste

Who needs a solid waste permit, license or registration with ADEQ?

Permits are issued by the Solid Waste Program to more complex solid waste facilities, such as municipal solid waste landfills, non-municipal solid waste landfills, and biohazardous medical waste storage, transfer and treatment facilities.

Registration with, or notification to, ADEQ is required for facilities, such as used and waste tire collection sites, solid waste transfer stations, composting sites, used oil sites and battery collection sites. Licenses from ADEQ are required for all septage haulers and biohazardous medical waste transporters operating within the state of Arizona.

Permit Application Process

The permit application review process is conducted by engineers within the Solid Waste Program. The review process involves technical review of facility construction and monitoring plans, waste management methods and financial assurance demonstration.

For new facilities, or facilities that submit an application for a significant permit change, a public comment period is required prior to permit approval. The public comment period provides the opportunity for interested parties to voice approval or concerns about a particular project.

Inspection and Compliance

Once facilities have obtained the proper permit, certification or license, ongoing compliance is necessary to assure the facility continues to operate in an environmentally safe manner. The Solid Waste Unit conducts initial, routine, follow-up and compliant-based inspections to determine compliance with state and federal regulations. Then the unit works with responsible parties to either gain or maintain compliance at a site.

Compliance is not limited to registered, permitted or certified solid waste facilities, and ADEQ helps residential locations and commercial operations comply with regulations related to the generation, transport or disposal of solid waste.

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