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Western States Project

Revised On: Nov. 11, 2023 - 2:22 p.m.


The Western States Project (the Project) was established in 1986 to support and enhance the environmental enforcement programs of its members. The founding states were Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, and Washington. 


The mission of the Western States Project is to protect and enhance the environment through increasing the effectiveness of environmental enforcement efforts and coordinating enforcement activities, including information services, among member states. 

About Us

The Project is a consortium of government agencies involved in regulatory, civil and criminal enforcement of environmental laws in 12 Western states and three Canadian provinces. The Project is supported by training registration fees, membership dues and funds directed to the Project through environmental case settlements.

Project membership is composed of representatives from environmental regulatory agencies, attorney general offices, and other government bodies involved in civil, criminal, and administrative enforcement of environmental laws. Project membership is open to any state or territory of the United States, province or territory of Canada and state of Mexico. Associate memberships are open to government entities and enforcement support groups.

The Western States Project encourages the enforcement of environmental laws through the application of "task force" strategies. This approach recognizes the manifold nature of enforcement authority and allows for integration and coordination of technical, legal and investigatory resources for effective enforcement.

The Project seeks to fulfill its mission by providing legal and technical training to its members; facilitating the flow of information among members and with outside agencies; providing case and program support; and researching environmental enforcement issues for its members.

The goal of the Project is to be a valuable resource for training, information, coordination and communication for environmental enforcement among its members. Achieving this goal depends largely upon the commitment, involvement and support of members through their representatives to the Project. 

Project Members are: Alaska, Alberta, Arizona, British Columbia, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Oregon, Saskatchewan,  Utah, and Washington.

Associate Members are: Alberta Energy Regulator, Environment Canada, Maricopa County Air Quality Department (Phoenix, AZ), Metro (Portland, OR), and Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. 

Western States Project is one of the Regional Environmental Enforcement Associations (REEA).

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