Underground Storage Tank (UST) Program

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UST Preapproval Program

House Bill 2704 enhances financial opportunities for underground storage tank owners, operators and land owners | Learn More >

What is the Preapproval Program?

If you have a facility with contamination from a leaking UST, you may qualify for financial assistance from ADEQ. Under the Preapproval program, ADEQ works closely with UST owners, operators and property owners (applicants) to develop a cleanup plan. ADEQ also works closely with customers during the application process, focusing on identifying specific phases of required work and developing schedules and budgets for that work.

Are You Eligible?

This program focuses on providing assistance to owners and operators who can demonstrate compliance with financial responsibility requirements. Reimbursement is limited to costs that are not being covered by the applicable financial assurance mechanism. Upon the request of the applicant, ADEQ will provide assistance in pursuit of coverage from their source of financial assurance.

To determine if you qualify, you may request an eligibility consultation by email. Please include your name and relationship to the facility, the ADEQ assigned facility ID number, and LUST number(s).

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Please refer to Arizona Revised Statutes (ARS) § 49-1006.02 (A, B and C) to review eligibility requirements | View >

Note: Property owners who are not UST owners or operators, and who meet requirements of ARS § 49-1016 (C), are also eligible to participate in this program. For these applicants, ADEQ has a lien for unrecovered corrective action costs.

How to Receive Reimbursement

All work and costs must be preapproved by ADEQ. Depending on your financial assurance mechanism, certain applicants will be required to meet a $50,000 cost share obligation for work conducted on or after Jan. 1, 2016.1

Applicants are responsible for hiring, managing and paying their contractors for the work. With their request for reimbursement, applicants must also submit the required documentation for the activities and costs to ADEQ. The agency will reimburse for eligible costs.

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ADEQ has also developed an expedited preapproval process to address corrective action costs incurred for newly discovered contamination and to address corrective action costs necessary to avoid risk to public health and the environment. Applications submitted through this process will be prioritized for expedited review by ADEQ | Expedited Preapproval Process >