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UST | Preapproval Eligibility Checklist

Underground Storage Tank (UST) Preapproval Program

Program Eligibility Checklist

Revised On: Nov. 30, 2023 - 6:00 p.m.

An underground storage tank (UST) owner/operator who wishes to participate in the UST Preapproval Program must complete the following to demonstrate compliance with eligibility criteria.1

Criteria for Owner/Operators Using Insurance as an Financial Responsibility (FR) Mechanism

  • Current FR (proof of insurance) with ADEQ — meaning no gaps in submission of FR to ADEQ;
  • UST insurance was relied on as a financial assurance mechanism at confirmed release date;
  • A timely claim was filed with the insurer;
  • A claim was or is being pursued until coverage determination (denial)


✓ If a coverage determination for an insurance claim is pending, please provide ADEQ with a coverage determination letter as soon as it is received. This will help further the reimbursement process.

✓ Please ensure that the insurance claim carrier who is assisting with your claim attends the Preapproval Kickoff meetings in case any questions regarding coverage are raised.

Documents Required for Owner/Operators Using Insurance as an FR Mechanism

UST insurance policy with deductible
  • Document typically more than 30 pages and includes Declarations Page, Insuring Agreement, Definitions, Exclusions and Conditions | View/Download Example >

Notice of claim acceptable documents (one of the following options)
Continued pursuit of correspondence (one of the following options)

Criteria for Owner/Operators not Using Insurance as an FR Mechanism

Financial Assurance Mechanism Documentation: includes guarantees, surety bonds, letters of credit, financial tests of self-insurance, trust funds, stand-by trusts, certificates of deposit, local government bond ratings, local government financial tests, and local government guarantees.

More information about FR mechanism requirements | Visit Federal Regulations Website >

1A.R.S. § 49-1051 | View >