Underground Storage Tank (UST) Program

Underground storage tank system illustration

UST Preapproval Program Process

The UST Preapproval Program is focused on uniting UST owners, operators, property owners, primary service providers, financial assurance providers and ADEQ in an effort to responsibly identify and clean up contaminated properties impacted by releases from regulated UST systems. The program provides eligible applicants the technical support and financial assistance to quickly address releases when their financial assurance mechanism is not providing coverage.

ADEQ has developed an expedited preapproval process to address corrective action costs incurred for newly discovered contamination and to address corrective action costs necessary to avoid risk to public health and the environment. Applications submitted through this process will be prioritized for expedited review by ADEQ | Learn More >


Under this program, eligible applicants are responsible for managing their cleanup and ensuring that corrective actions are conducted in accordance with the approved scope of work, schedule and budget. Corrective actions are required to be performed under an Arizona professional engineer or registered geologist using qualified contractors. ADEQ funding will not be provided for work that does not meet professional standards. To verify the professional registration of any individual or firm, search the Arizona Board of Technical Registration website | View Site > 

Process Steps 

The following outlines the UST Preapproval Program applicant process. 

  1. Determine if you are eligible for the program by answering some preliminary questions | See Preapproval Screening Form for Eligibility Information > 
  2. If eligibility requirements are met, complete the preapproval screening form | Download Screening Form >
  3. If eligibility is unclear, a financial responsibility consultation may be required | Email Request >
  4. Attend a kickoff meeting with all involved parties: the property owner, your primary service provider (consultant), your financial responsibility (FR) representative and ADEQ technical staff. ADEQ will contact you to schedule this meeting to review site conditions, cleanup strategies, scheduling and costs. This will determine the agreed upon scope of work, set up the electronic Conceptual Site Model (CSM) and discuss a path to closure for the facility. Standard operating procedures for phases of work will be provided by ADEQ | Kickoff Meeting Information >
  5. Along with your primary service provider, prepare and submit the preapproval cost sheets, detailed scope of work, implementation schedule and budget. ADEQ will then review the submittal for approval, set up the project budget and send a determination letter that details the review results.
  6. Conduct the approved corrective actions in accordance with the schedule and pay your primary service provider. 
  7. Submit the required documentation of the corrective actions to ADEQ for technical review. ADEQ technical staff will then review the documented activities for conformance with the preapproved scope of work and appropriateness based on the CSM | View Guidance for CSM > 
  8. Submit a reimbursement request (RR) for payment of the incurred costs that conform to the preapproval. The RR must include: completed cost sheets, invoices, certification statements and proof of payment. ADEQ will then review the RR and authorize direct deposit payment for the approval amounts.