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UST | Preapproval Program Process

Underground Storage Tank (UST) Preapproval Program

Program Process

Revised On: Nov. 30, 2023 - 6:00 p.m.

The UST Preapproval Program provides financial assistance to UST owners and operators for cleanup of contaminated properties impacted by releases from regulated UST systems. The program provides eligible applicants the technical support and financial assistance to address releases when their financial assurance mechanism is not providing coverage.

If contamination is discovered that represents an imminent threat to human health and the environment, UST owners and operators may qualify for the expedited preapproval process | Learn More >


Under this program, eligible applicants are responsible for managing their cleanup and ensuring that corrective actions are conducted in accordance with the pre-approved scope of work, schedule and budget. Corrective actions are required to be performed under the direction of an Arizona professional engineer or registered geologist using qualified contractors. You can search the Arizona Board of Technical Registration website to verify the professional registration of any individual or firm | View Site >

Process Steps

Step 1: Eligibility determination | View/Download Screening Form >

Step 2: If eligibility requirements are met, attend a kickoff meeting to discuss program topics and develop a scope of work.

Step 3: Prepare and submit the application, which includes the Preapproval cost sheets (detailed scope of work and project budget) and implementation schedule.

Step 4: Once Application has been approved, implement the preapproved scope of work in accordance with the approved schedule and budget.

Step 5: Submit, for approval, the Informational Report with eTables to ADEQ as documentation of completion of preapproved activities | View/Download Informational Report > | Download eTables (Excel) > | View/Download FAQs >

Step 6: Once the Informational Report with eTables has been approved, submit Reimbursement Request for the reimbursement of incurred eligible costs.

The ADEQ Preapproval Program does not provide federally and state required coverage for UST releases and third-party damages. This means funding through the ADEQ Preapproval Program is not financial assurance and cannot be used to demonstrate compliance with financial responsibility. The financial assurance mechanism(s) utilized by UST owners and operators to demonstrate compliance with financial responsibility requirements is primary to eligibility for state reimbursement funding.

UST owners and operators relying on UST insurance to demonstrate compliance with financial responsibility (FR), activities conducted, and costs incurred without following notification requirements under their UST insurance policy may be denied insurance coverage and may not be eligible for reimbursement under this program.