Permit(s) needed for a Construction Company

You may need all or some of the following permits:

 If you have biomass, you may need an Air Curtain Incinerator GP | Learn More >

 If  your industry produces concrete, you may need a Concrete Batch Plant GP | Learn More >

 If your industry produces crushed stone, you may need a Crushing and Screening Plant GP | Learn More >

 If you have hot mix asphalt, you may need a Hot Mix Asphalt Plants GP | Learn More >

 If you have hazardous waste to dispose of, you may need an Application for an EPA ID Number | Learn More >

 If your industry has certain types of non-stormwater discharges to surface waters, then you many need an AZPDES De Minimis GP | Learn More >

 If your industry has stormwater discharges due to construction, you may need an AZPDES GP Associated with Construction Activity (Stormwater) | Learn More >

 1.08 GP: Toilet or Privy: “Type 1 General Permit: No notification is required, however, best management practices (BMPs) must be followed.”

 2.01 GP: Drywells that Drain Areas with Hazardous Substances | Learn More > 

 3.01 GP: Lined Impoundments | Learn More >

 Type 2 (Class A to C) Reclaimed Water GP for Direct Reuse of Reclaimed Water | Learn More >

 If you have a drywell, you may need a Drywell Registration | Learn More >

 If you have a drinking water system, you may need a Drinking Water Facility Approval to Construct | Learn More >

 If you have a septic system, you may need an Onsite Wastewater Treatment System (Type 4.02 - 4.23 GP) | Learn More >

 If you are selling lots in a subdivision, you may need an Approval of Sanitary Facilities for Subdivisions | Learn More >

 If you have a sewage collection system, you may need a Sewage Collection System (Type 4.01 General APP) | Learn More > 

 If you are constructing public, semi-public pools,  and spas, you may need a Public and Semi-Public Pools and Spa (Approval to Construct) | Learn More >