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Drywell Registration

Water Quality Division

Drywell Registration

Revised On: Mar. 11, 2024 - 10:30 p.m.

This registration is for a person who owns an existing or proposed drywell. Drywells must be registered and managed with EPA* | Register a Drywell >

Drywells used in conjunction with golf course maintenance do not need to be registered. However, any vadose zone injection wells (including drywells) that receive stormwater mixed with reclaimed wastewater or groundwater, or both, from manmade bodies of water associated with golf courses, parks, and residential areas must be registered. The registration is valid for the life of the drywell, until it is decommissioned.

Please read our Frequently Asked Questions regarding Arizona State Drywell Registration Program Repeal, ADEQ’s Prospective Safe Drinking Water Act, Underground Injection Control Program Primacy, Interim Period Drywell Regulation in Arizona | View/Download > 

*Drywells with Type 2.01/2.04 Aquifer Protection Permits are managed in ADEQ's online permit portal, called myDEQ | Go to myDEQ >