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Leaking UST Cleanup Programs

Corrective actions include activities to investigate, analyze and conduct cleanup. The UST Program provides compliance assistance and regulatory oversight for UST owners and operators who have had a release from their UST system. The program also assists property owners who voluntarily undertake corrective actions (these activities are often related to property re-development). In addition to regulatory and technical support, UST owners, operators and property owners may qualify for financial assistance for these activities through either the State Lead Corrective Action Program or the Preapproval Program.

State Lead Corrective Action Program

UST owners and operators and property owners with UST contamination may request that ADEQ manage cleanup activities. In the case of a property owner who is not an owner or operator, ADEQ may have a lien on the property for unrecovered costs | Learn More >

Preapproval Program

UST owners and operators and property owners with UST contamination may qualify for this cleanup program. Eligibility requires the UST owner and operator to file a timely claim against their financial responsibility mechanism and pursue that claim. Participants will be required to meet with ADEQ to develop a preapproval scope of work, schedule, budget, and application | Learn More >

Tips for Hiring an Environmental Consultant for Your UST Facility

Much of the work associated with investigating and cleaning up contamination from releases is best addressed by an environmental consultant, and there are a variety of important factors to consider when selecting a qualified environmental professional | Learn More >