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UST Leak Prevention Programs

NOTICE: At this time, the Department is no longer accepting applications because all monies have been awarded for fiscal year 2021. The State Lead Noncorrective Action Program (NCA) and Tank Site Improvement Program (TSIP) programs are available to the extent monies are allocated from the UST revolving fund on an annual basis.

Leak prevention activities, also known as noncorrective actions, are proactive measures designed to prevent future releases, which can lead to costly cleanups. These include system upgrades, tank removals, baseline assessments and sampling to confirm a release. ADEQ provides financial assistance for these activities to eligible UST owners, operators and property owners through either the State Lead Noncorrective Action Program or the Tank Site Improvement Program.

State Lead Noncorrective Action Program

UST owners and operators who don’t wish to manage grant projects themselves, may request that ADEQ manage UST removals and release confirmation actions on their behalf | Learn More >

Tank Site Improvement Program

UST owners and operators may apply for grants under a new program to assist with UST removal, UST system upgrades and release confirmation actions. UST owners and operators who qualify for grant funding will have up to one year to fulfill the grant and access approved funds. Under this program, the grant applicant will be responsible for acquiring bids, managing the action and submitting costs | Learn More >

Learn how to combine these two programs for tank removal and upgrading your system | Learn More >