Permit(s) needed for ADOT

The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) is a multimodal transportation agency serving one of the fastest-growing areas of the country. ADOT is responsible for planning, building and operating a complex highway system in addition to building and maintaining bridges and the Grand Canyon Airport.

You may need some or all of the following permits:

 If you eliminate biomass, you may need an Air Curtain Incinerators GP | Learn More > 

 If you produce hot mix asphalt, you may need a Hot Mix Asphalt Plants GP | Learn More >

 If you haul septage, you may need a Septage Hauler Registration | Learn More > 

 If you have an outdoor collection of waste tires, you may need a Waste Tire Collection Site Registration/Outdoor Used Tire Storage Site Registration | Learn More > 

 If you collect/recycle lead acid batteries, you may need Lead Acid Batteries Collection/Recycling Authorization | Learn More > 

 If you treat, store or dispose of hazardous waste, you may need a Hazardous Waste TSDF Permit | Learn More > 

 If your facility manages hazardous waste, you may need a Hazardous Waste EPA ID Number | Learn More >

 1.12 GP: Discharge of Wastewater Resulting from washing concrete into an impoundment from trucks, pumps and ancillary equipment | Learn More

 If you have a drywell that drains areas with hazardous substances, you may need a 2.01 GP | Learn More > 

 If you use hydrologic tracer studies, you may need a 2.03 GP | Learn More >

 If you have a drywell at a motor fuel dispensing facility, you may need a 2.04 GP | Learn More > 

 If you have lined impoundments, you may need a 3.01 GP | Learn More > 

 If you wash vehicles and equipment, you may need a 3.03 GP | Learn More > 

 If you discharge water pollutants, you may need an Individual APP | Learn More > 

 If you discharge pesticides to U.S. waters, you may need a Pesticide GP | Learn More > 

 If your industry has stormwater discharges due to mining, then you may need an AZPDES MSGP Mining Permit | Learn More > 

 If your industry has certain types of non-stormwater discharges to surface waters, then you many need an AZPDES De Minimis GP | Learn More > 

 If your industry has stormwater discharges, you may need an AZPDES Industrial Stormwater Non-Mining MSGP | Learn More >