Central and Camelback | Site Repository

Available milestone documents and associated public notices are listed below. If there are documents that you would like to review that are not included below, please contact the Records Center I Learn How >

WQARF Process and Description Chart I View>

Registry Report

  • Registry Report (Southwest Corner Source Area Portion) August 1998 | View >
  • Registry Report June 2000 | View >

Remedial Investigation (RI) with Remedial Objectives (RO)

  • Final RI Report December 2014 | View >
  • Public Notice for Final RI Report January 2015 I View >

Feasibility Study (FS)

  • FS Report June 2015 | View >
  • Public Notice for FS Report June 2015 | View >

Proposed Remedial Action Plan (PRAP)

  • PRAP June 2017 | View >
  • Public Notice for PRAP July 2017 I View >

Record of Decision (ROD)

The ROD for this site is currently delayed for review. Notice will be issued when the final document is available.

Other Reports

  • Central Phoenix Sites Community Involvement Plan (CIP) 2020 | View >