On-Site Wastewater Treatment

Path Forward and Rulemaking | On-site Wastewater

We are committed to improving the on-site wastewater treatment program, including rules, procedures and policies, in order to better support county partner and customer needs. Consider our 5-Year Plan the roadmap to the program's future, providing direction for the timely implementation of improvements to fulfill our commitment to stakeholders.

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Get Involved

We began the process of updating AAC Title 18, Chapter 9,1 as it applies to on-site wastewater treatment systems, and we encourage interested members of the community to participate and give us feedback. You can get involved in the following ways:

Technical Work Groups

ADEQ led the formation of six technical work groups to assist implementating the 5-Year Plan. Each group has a charter specific to its scope of work and includes issues the group will address. One group (Ideal Future State Exploration) will focus on potential frameworks for a regulatory program with more flexibility and potential for treated water reuse. The other five will recommend changes to the existing regulatory program. The work groups are: