Onsite Wastewater Treatment

Notice of Transfer and Inspection | Onsite Wastewater

Arizona’s statewide inspection program for onsite wastewater (septic) treatment facilities inspection are triggered by the resale of a home by an owner or with the assistance of a real estate professional. The inspection requirement applies to any property served by a conventional septic tank system or an alternative onsite system.

Inspection Program

Under this program:
  • The seller of a property served by a conventional septic tank or alternative system shall retain a qualified inspector to perform the transfer of ownership inspection within six months before the date of property transfer.
  • The inspector shall prepare a Report of Inspection (ROI) form, and provide it to the seller of the property. The ROI is not filed with ADEQ, as it involves communication on the status of the onsite wastewater system between the transferor/seller and transferee/buyer.
  • The seller shall provide to the buyer the completed ROI form and any documents in the seller’s possession relating to permitting, operation and maintenance of the onsite system.
  • Within 15 calendar days after the date of property transfer, the buyer shall submit a completed Notice of Transfer (NOT) form for the change of ownership and file the NOT with the proper agency | View/Download NOT Form >