Fort Tuthill Small Arms Range

Fort Tuthill Small Arms Range | Site History

1928 – 1955:  Arizona Army National Guard (ARNG) artillery training included .30 and .50 caliber water-cooled machine guns, Browning Automatic Rifles, hand grenades, and bazooka rounds. Historical documents indicate the firing points for munitions was northeast to southwest into an impact berm.

2000: A 2.36 inch rocket is discovered in Fort Tuthill County Park

2011:  The Preliminary Assessment (PA) was completed.

2012:  The Site Inspection (SI) was completed. No evidence of munitions and explosives of concerns (MEC) or munition constituents (MC) discovered during the investigation.

2014: Forth Tuthill Small Arms Range is closed with No Further Action required.

2017: MEC is discovered within the Fort Tuthill County Park during construction activities. The rocket is detonated in place by Luke Air Force Base Explosive Ordnance Disposal technicians. The site is reopened for additional investigation.

2019:  Remedial Investigation (RI) initial planning began and a Stakeholder Systematic Planning Process (SPP) Meeting #1 completed.

2020: SPP Meeting #2 was held in September. The RI Quality Assurance Project Plan was approved shortly after SPP#2 allowing the mobilization for field activities. The RI field work was completed in November.

2021: SPP Meeting #3 and #4 were held. The RI and Feasibility Study were completed.

2022: ARNG and USACE worked toward finalizing the Proposed Plan. Public Comments will be accepted until Sept. 22, 2022.