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UST | Making Records Available to ADEQ

Underground Storage Tank (UST) Section

Making Records Available to ADEQ

Revised On: Dec. 6, 2023 - 5:30 p.m.

To ensure USTs are operating efficiently and in compliance with environmental standards, UST owners and operators are required to keep records on-site or readily available at an alternative site.1 For quicker and easier UST inspections and to help facilities meet record-keeping and reporting requirements, ADEQ encourages facilities to submit records one month prior to their inspection by ADEQ.

What records do I need?

UST owners and operators are responsible for keeping their records up-to-date and informing ADEQ of any changes to their UST system(s). These records include:

  • Proof of valid financial responsibility (FR) and pollution liability insurance for the tanks (if FR records are not current).
  • Previous 12 months of monthly release detection results.
  • Annual monitor certification of the automatic tank gauge (i.e., Veeder-Root, Pneumercator, Incon, etc.) by a certified contractor, if applicable.
  • Annual line leak detector test from a certified contractor, if applicable.
  • Annual line tightness test from a certified contractor, if applicable.
  • Last 12 months of under-dispenser containment (UDC) monthly release detection results/log (i.e. visual inspection log or UDC sensor results), if applicable.
  • Triennial cathodic protection (CP) test results, if applicable.
  • 60 day Cathodic protection log for UST systems using impressed current, if applicable.
  • Operator training certificates for A, B and C UST Operators.
  • Records of any repairs or modifications that have been done to the UST system (i.e., piping repairs, spill bucket repairs, tank lining, etc.).
  • Triennial overfill prevention equipment verification test by a certified contractor.
  • Triennial containment sumps test (used for interstitial monitoring of piping) by a certified contractor.
  • Triennial spill prevention equipment test from certified contractor, if applicable.
  • Monthly walkthrough inspections (every 30 days) of spill prevention equipment and release detection equipment.
  • Annual Walkthrough inspections on any handheld release detection equipment and containment sumps.
  • Demonstrate compatibility of the UST system when using a regulated substance containing greater than 10 percent ethanol, greater than 20 percent biodiesel, or any blend of isobutanol, if applicable.

Required Documentation Checklist | View/Download >

How can I submit records?

ADEQ sends UST facilities email notifications that provide a date range for an upcoming inspection. To ensure your records are inspection-ready, you can submit them electronically to ADEQ via email one month prior to the indicated date range | Email >

What happens if the records are not available at the time of inspection?

In an additional effort to keep facilities in compliance, facilities noted with "Potential Deficiencies" will have one business day from the time of their inspection to submit all requested compliance documentation to ADEQ. Otherwise, ADEQ may issue a Notice of Opportunity to Correct (NOC) and/or Notice of Violation (NOV), at which time you can contact your assigned compliance officer for help and guidance on returning to compliance. 

1Arizona Administrative Code (A.A.C.) R18-12-234(C)