Application Steps | Tank Site Improvement Program

ADEQ will announce the beginning of each application period. Applications will only be accepted if submitted during the announced period. The following steps outline the application process. 

Step 1 (Optional)

Contact ADEQ to request a meeting with Tank Site Improvement (TSI) Program staff to assist with the application process.
Meeting topics include:

  • Eligibility considerations
  • Program requirements
  • Payment process
  • Funding limits (amounts and time-frame)
  • Site information available in ADEQ files

Step 2

Please submit completed ADEQ applications (see "Forms" sidebar) containing at least one bid from a qualified vendor and enroll in ProcureAZ. While applicants may request more than one type of site improvement during an application period, each has a separate application form and only one may be requested per form. Information on how to submit documents are included in each application. Hard copies of all items referenced in the application (including certification statements with original signatures) must be submitted. In addition, ADEQ encourages applicants to submit electronic application forms and attachments to to allow for a more timely review.

Bids must meet regulatory requirements to be eligible for reimbursement. To ensure cost-effectiveness so applicants may save funding for more site improvements, ADEQ recommends acquiring three bids for site improvement work. 

In order to reserve funds for the requested activity, applicants must be enrolled in ProcureAZ (see ProcureAZ Registration Guidance on sidebar for assistance).

Step 3

Complete the site improvements as soon as possible and no later than one year of application approval. ADEQ issues approval notices to applicants, including the amount approved for reimbursement. Applicants are responsible for all aspects of their contract with their selected vendor and for ensuring that work is conducted in accordance with applicable requirements, within schedule and budget. Changing contractors after ADEQ approval may lead to a denial of costs.

Step 4

Submit applicable reports for site improvement activity to ADEQ for technical review. Technical review ensures work meets regulatory requirements and costs are eligible for payment. This ensures that site improvement work met regulatory requirements and costs are eligible for payment.

Step 5

Upon receiving technical approval, submit a reimbursement request to ADEQ for payment. A reimbursement request packet (including a reimbursement request form with certifications, actual invoices and receipts, invoice ledger and proof of payment) must be received within a year of application approval and include detailed invoices and documentation demonstrating payment by the applicant.1

ADEQ expects to process a reimbursement request within 30 business days from the submittal date of a complete reimbursement package. For more rapid receipt of payment (within 20 business days from the submittal date of a complete reimbursement package), ADEQ recommends that applicants sign up for the direct deposit option (Automated Clearing House).

If applicants are unable to use funding and request reimbursement within a year of application approval, they should notify ADEQ to withdraw their application and funding will be released. Applicants that have had their funding released are still eligible to submit a new application.