Hazardous Waste Permitting Application Fee Information

ADEQ's hazardous waste rules provide a way to recover processing expenses for hazardous waste permits, permit modification requests and closure plans.Fees are based on the time required to process the application and prepare the permit decision. The fee due during application submittal ranges from $1,000 to $20,000, depending on permit type.2


In addition to the application fee, ADEQ provides the applicant with itemized bills, at least semiannually, for expenses exceeding the initial fee associated with evaluating the application and processing the permit decision. The itemized bill includes:

  • The dates of the billing period
  • The date and number of review hours performed during the billing period (itemized by employee name and position type)
  • A description of the review task performed, the specific facility and operational unit involved, and the hourly rate
  • The amounts of other expenses (see below) included in the bill
  • A summary of the total fees paid to date, total fees due for the billing period, the date the payment is due, and the maximum fee for the permit action


Costs consist of processing charges and other expenses, including:

  • Processing charges — ADEQ calculates this using a rate of $136 per hour multiplied by the number of review hours used to evaluate the application and process the permit decision.
  • Other expenses — ADEQ determines necessary charges for evaluating the application and processing the permit decision. These include:
    •  Per diem expenses
    •  Transportation costs
    •  Reproduction costs
    •  Laboratory analysis charges performed during the review of the permit action
    •  Public notice advertising and mailing costs
    •  Presiding officer expenses (for public hearings on the permit action)
    •  Court reporter expenses (for public hearings on the permit action)
    •  Facility rentals (for public hearings on the permit action)
    •  Other reasonable and necessary review-related expenses, documented in writing and agreed to by the applicant

See Arizona Administrative Code R18-8-270.G, for specific application fee requirements.