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Be Air Aware!

Together we can make a difference to improve air quality for everyone in Arizona.

Meet our Arizona Air Quality Mascot — Ari!

Ari's color is linked to the Air Quality Index (AQI) and changes based on the current AQI | Learn More >

When Ari's color is:

  • Green — air quality is good
  • Yellow — air quality is fair
  • Orange — air quality is unhealthy for sensitive groups (such as children and people with asthma)
  • Red — air quality is unhealthy for everyone and outdoor exertion should be limited.

You can help improve our air quality by following these easy steps: 

Step 1: Be Air Aware

Stay informed with hourly air quality forecasts | View Forecast Homepage >

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Step 2: Challenge yourself, family, friends and coworkers

5 Ways You Can Improve Air Quality Right Now | View >

Step 3: Breathe Easier!

Tell us how you are making a difference and see what others are doing | #AZAirAware on Social Media

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