PRESS RELEASE | 7 Ways You Can Protect Water Quality in Arizona

PHOENIX (May 6, 2019) – Clean, healthy drinking water plays a vital role in our daily lives. In Arizona, the water we drink comes from lakes, rivers and streams—even from underground. Celebrate Drinking Water Week May 5 – 11 with the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) by helping protect this precious natural resource at the source, before it reaches our homes.

“Every drop of water is important to Arizona,” said Trevor Baggiore, ADEQ Water Quality Division Director. “With more than 7 million people living in the state, if each us contributes individually to protecting that water, our efforts can add up to make a significant difference today and in the future.”

Take action today with these 7 ways you can protect Arizona water quality:

  1. Help clean up trash in and around waterways. Surface runoff can wash litter into rivers and streams, polluting the environment and harming aquatic life.
  2. Clean and maintain septic systems. Leaking septic systems can spread disease and parasites to drinking water sources, potentially harming people and animals.
  3. Never dump pesticides, oil, fuel or other chemicals down storm drains. Careless dumping is one of the leading causes of water pollution.
  4. Set up a composting pile; minimize using the garbage disposal. Food waste can overtax water treatment systems.
  5. Never flush unwanted or expired medicines down the toilet or drain. Pharmaceuticals have been detected in wastewater treatment plant effluent, potentially harming wildlife and reentering drinking water systems.
  6. Clean your vehicle at a car wash. Car washes generally use less water per vehicle than washing at home; plus many clean and recycle the water for additional use. 
  7. Design a rain garden to capture runoff. Slowing the flow of water across land allows for natural infiltration of the water through the soil.

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