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PRESS RELEASE | ADEQ Forges Ahead on Advanced Water Purification Rules and Seeks Public Input


ADEQ Forges Ahead on Advanced Water Purification Rules and Seeks Public Input

PHOENIX (July 9, 2024) – The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) today announced the release of the draft rule for the Advanced Water Purification (AWP) Program, a groundbreaking initiative designed to convert treated wastewater into safe, reliable purified water. The draft rule is the next step in ADEQ’s effort to develop a robust regulatory framework for AWP that will give water providers another tool to diversify and expand Arizona’s water portfolio, deliver safe drinking water to their communities and support the state's growing population and economy.

“Arizona has a long history of smart water management, and we must continue that legacy in order to secure a prosperous future for all,” said Governor Katie Hobbs. “The Advanced Water Purification Program is one of many important tools we have to improve our water sustainability. This proposal will undoubtedly strengthen our already robust water systems and keep us on the right track.”

AWP uses safe and proven technologies and has been successfully implemented. Many of the technologies used in AWP are the same as those commonly used in processing strictly regulated products for eating and drinking. The draft rule outlines the technical and operational requirements for AWP systems, drawing on proven methodologies and best practices, input from ADEQ’s Technical Advisory Group, and technical feedback received on ADEQ’s Advanced Water Purification (AWP) Proposed Program Roadmap (Roadmap) unveiled last fall | View >

“To adapt to this historic drought, we must turn to proven solutions to better conserve and reclaim water,” said Arizona Senator and former Astronaut Mark Kelly. “We’ve used these Advanced Water Purification techniques on the International Space Station for decades, and today’s proposal is an important step to bring this innovative technology to Arizona and make our water usage more self-reliant and sustainable.”

Results of two blind surveys conducted in April 2023 and May 2024 with a total of 2,314 respondents who were Arizona residents, showed broad concern about water supply now and in the near future and supported AWP as a viable part of the solution.

“This draft rule is a significant milestone in our journey towards a sustainable and resilient water supply for Arizonans,” said ADEQ Cabinet Executive Officer Karen Peters. “ADEQ is committed to protecting public health and the environment by establishing clear, science-based regulations for advanced water purification.” 

ADEQ is committed to a collaborative process for implementing AWP and continues to encourage all interested parties to participate in the public engagement process and help shape the future of water in Arizona. From July 9, 2024, through August 7, 2024, ADEQ is seeking technical input and feedback from stakeholders and the interested public on the draft rule. In addition, ADEQ will host a stakeholder meeting and conduct a Tribal Listening Session to present the technical aspects of the draft rule to further inform stakeholders and support ongoing stakeholder engagement.

Advanced Water Purification Draft Rule

  • 18 A.A.C. 1, Article 5 — Draft AWP LTF Rule (Licensing Time-Frames) | View >
  • 18 A.A.C. 9, Article 8 — Draft AWP Program Rule | View >
  • 18 A.A.C. 14, Article 1 — Draft AWP Fee Rule | View >

Please direct feedback to the online comment form | View >

ADEQ will consider the input received, make necessary revisions to the draft rule, and proceed with the formal rulemaking process that begins with filing a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking in the Arizona Administrative Register, that provides the public with a 30-day comment period to review the proposed rule and submit comments to ADEQ in writing or during the public hearing. After the formal public comment period closes, ADEQ thoroughly reviews, considers, and responds to all the comments received and makes any necessary revisions before delivering the Notice of Final Rulemaking to the Governor’s Office for final approval before submitting it to the Governor’s Regulatory Review Council for review and approval and adoption. 

Background and Resources

Released in November 2023, ADEQ’s Roadmap laid the groundwork for stakeholder engagement and public participation. The Roadmap provided a comprehensive overview of ADEQ’s approach to AWP implementation, highlighting its potential to provide a sustainable, locally controlled water supply.

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