Agriculture-Use Pesticide Product Review & Resources

ADEQ must review and approve all agriculture-use pesticide products before new applications are submitted for registration with the Arizona Department of Agriculture (ADA).* ADEQ reviews agriculture-use pesticide products with emphasis on active ingredients. After review and approval by ADEQ, the applicant may submit their application and letter of approval from ADEQ to the ADA for registration | Visit ADA Page >

Products that are not for agricultural use (e.g., hand sanitizer, fabric softener) are not reviewed by ADEQ. To verify whether an agriculture-use pesticide product and its active ingredients require review or qualify for a waiver, view our list | View >

Every applicant must complete and sign the ADEQ New Agricultural-Use Pesticide Form | View/Download >

Different active ingredients in agriculture-use pesticide products may require that you submit different information for review. Agriculture-use pesticide product categories and criteria are as follows:

  • FIFRA 25(b) pesticide products | View Guidance >
  • Biopesticides and low-risk active ingredients | View Guidance >
  • For other previously approved active ingredients, applicants must submit their own data/studies, or submit a Letter of Authorization from the original registrant authorizing ADEQ to rely on the data/studies on-file with ADEQ for review of the pesticide product | Download Previously Approved Active Ingredients List (Excel) >
  • For new active ingredients that have never been approved by ADEQ, applicants must submit environmental fate data/studies and a Data Summary Form in addition to the ADEQ New Agricultural-Use Pesticide Form | View/Download Data Summary Form >

Review begins once ADEQ has received all required application materials. To help expedite processing, please submit all application materials electronically via email | Email >

There is no fee for ADEQ application review.