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Public Notice
Air Quality

On June 2, 2023, the public comment period begins for the proposal to issue an Air Quality Control Renewal Permit to Novo Biopower LLC for the continued operation of its nominal 24-megawatt biomass fired electric generating facility located in Navajo County, Arizona. The comment period ends July 2, 2023.

Public Notice Information

Class I Air Quality Permit No. 97559

The facility is subject to the requirements of the Federal Clean Air Act, Code of Federal Regulations, Arizona Revised Statute 49-426, and the Arizona Administrative Code, Title 18, Chapter 2. The facility emits the following air contaminants: coarse particulate matter with diameters 10 micrometers or less (PM10), fine particulate matter with diameters 2.5 micrometers or less (PM2.5), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), nitrogen oxides (NOX), sulfur dioxide (SO2), carbon monoxide (CO) and hazardous air pollutants (HAPs).


Novo Biopower, LLC

Facility Information

Novo Biopower, LLC
4047 W. Highway 277 Spur
Snowflake, Arizona 85937

Review Documents

Original Published Public Notice | View/Download > 
Draft Permit | View/Download >
Draft Technical Support Document | View/Download >

You may also review the above documentation in person at the Town of Snowflake, Town Clerk’s Office located at 81 W. 1st St. South in Snowflake, Arizona, or at the ADEQ Record Center in Phoenix | Learn How >

Public Comment Period 

Dates: June 2, 2023 – July 2, 2023

Comments may be submitted as follows:
     By Email | Send Email > 
     By Mail (Must be postmarked or received by July 2, 2023):

       Air Quality Division, Air Permits
Karla Murrieta
       1110 W. Washington St.
       Phoenix, AZ  85007

People who file comments on the permit will have the right to appeal the final decision as an appealable agency action to the Office of Administrative Hearing (OAH) pursuant to §41.1092.03, and the appeal must be filed within 30 days after the issuance of the final decision. The OAH may sustain, modify or reverse the final decision.

EPA Petition Process

This permit is subject to review by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) pursuant to 40 CFR 70.8 and Arizona Administrative Code R18-2-307. If EPA does not object to the issuance of this permit, you may petition to EPA within 60 days after the expiration of EPA's 45-day review period. A petition shall be based only on objections to the permit that were raised with reasonable specificity during the public comment period, unless the petitioner demonstrates that it was impracticable to raise such objections within such period, or unless the grounds for such objection arose after such period. Any person who petitions to EPA pursuant to 40 CFR 70.8(d) shall notify ADEQ by certified mail within 10 days after such petition.

Comments may be submitted to EPA according to the process for Title V Petitions | Learn More >