Records Center

Records Center

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Welcome to the Record Center

ADEQ's Records Center manages the agency's public records. Based on Arizona law, our policy recognizes the public's right to access public records.

Digital records are not readily available to view online.

Paper records may be copied or scanned and sent by mail or electronically (fees may apply). Records are also available for viewing in person, where cash or checks are accepted. Only checks are accepted by mail.

How Can I Request Public Records?

  • MegaSearch—identify records available for requesting. Fill in the search parameters and click search | MegaSearch is offline for maintenance
  • Online Records Request Form—describe the record you want to request and the Records team will contact you | View Form >
  • In person—the Records Center is located at 1110 W. Washington Street in Phoenix | Make an Appointment >
  • For members of the media—please contact the ADEQ Public Information Officer to facilitate fulfillment of your records request | Make a Media Request >
  • Commercial requests—certain records may be requested for commercial purposes | View >

Records Center How-To Videos

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