Kingman Range MRS

Kingman Range MRS | Site History

1951:  Arizona Army National Guard (ARNG) weapons training included small arms (.22-caliber, .30-caliber and .45-caliber) and submachine gun practice. The firing line was located along Eastern Street, with firing from west to east into targets with a natural bedrock escarpment backstop located 1,500 feet away.

1968:  ARNG relinquished the property to a private owner and residential development of the former firing range began.

2008:  The site is identified as a Non-Department of Defense, Non-Operational Defense Site (NDNODS) and Munitions Response Site (MRS).

2011- 2012:  Site Inspection (SI) field work completed and the SI report was approved by ADEQ.

2017: The Remedial Investigation (RI) Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) is approved and field work begins.

2019-2020: Draft RI reviewed by ADEQ and ARNG provides a notice for supplemental RI field work. A new draft RI is submitted with the draft feasibility study (FS) for ADEQ review.