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2020 myDEQ Enhancements

A couple times a year, ADEQ holds a Voice of the Customer meeting with myDEQ users to gather feedback on future enhancements to the portal. We are currently working on:


  • Archive Closed Permits — Under mySTUFF permit/registrations listing you can check a box to archive (hide) any permits/registrations that are closed (expired, terminated, etc.). You can then click “SHOW ARCHIVE” to unhide any previously archived items.
  • View Additional Information for Draft Applications — Under myAPPLICATIONS, click the drop-down arrow to the left of each item listed to see additional information such as: the date the application was started, the date the application was updates, who on your team updated the application, and more.


  • View All Users — Under mySETTINGS, you will be able to view all users and roles within your organization.


  • Unlock Account  — Under mySETTINGS, you will be able to self-unlock your account.