PUBLIC NOTICE | Proposed Renewal of AZPDES Permit (AZ0023558) Coverage for SRP: Santan Generating Station in Maricopa County

Public Notice No. 18-46

Published in Arizona Business Gazette on April 25, 2019

AZPDES Permit No. AZ0023558

ADEQ proposes to issue an Arizona Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (AZPDES) renewal permit to discharge pollutants to Waters of the United States to the following applicant, subject to certain effluent limitations and special conditions:


Salt River Project (SRP)
P. O. Box 52025
Mail Station: STS300
Phoenix, Arizona 85072

Facility Information

SRP operates the Santan Generating Station (Santan), a steam power electric generating plant in Gilbert, Ariz. SRP applied for a renewal AZPDES permit for the discharge of cooling tower blowdown, heat recovery steam generator blowdown, other low volume wastes, stormwater, and non-process raw water from the Santan Generating Station) located at 1005 South Val Vista Drive  to SRP Lateral 4-8.4, SRP Lateral 5-9.0 and SRP Lateral 5-9.5 to the Western Canal (a Phoenix Area Canal) or to SRP Lateral 4-11.4 and SRP Lateral 5-11.0 to an ADOT stromwater drainage system and eventual tributary to the Salt River in the Middle Gila River Basin in Township 1 S, Range 6 E, Section 21 in Maricopa County.

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