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UST Financial Responsibility (FR)

Options for Demonstrating Financial Responsibility

Revised On: Dec. 5, 2023 - 6:00 p.m.

Commercial Liability Insurance

This is the simplest and most common insurance option in Arizona. Commercial liability insurance works similarly to a car insurance policy—an owner or operator may purchase a Underground Storage Tank (UST) policy from an insurer for an agreed upon premium. The insurer then agrees it will cover the insured facilities up to a certain amount above an agreed upon premium. The insurer will also provide the documentation to demonstrate financial responsibility compliance.

What to Submit in myDEQ for Commercial Liability Insurance

Include the following when submitting Financial Responsibility information:

  • Certificate of Insurance or an Endorsement and a Schedule of Covered Tanks (must include EPA-required language)1
  • Tank Schedule, with a retroactive date listed. If it is not listed here, it is acceptable as long as it is listed on another official policy document and compliant with ARS 49-1006.01.C. If there is no retroactive date listed, the tank schedule may be approved if the policy is per-occurrence. 
  • Complete Policy

Commercial Liability Insurance Policy Submittal Checklist | Learn More >

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Alternative Forms of Financial Responsibility

What to Submit in myDEQ for Alternative Options

  • Depending upon the mechanism utilized, there may be different requirements. Read the Alternative Forms of Financial Responsibility pages linked above to find out more.

How Do I Submit Financial Responsibility Information?

Submit Financial Responsibility information in myDEQ, ADEQ's easy-to-use online portal | Learn More & Register > | View/Download User Guide >

To learn more about submitting Financial Responsibility, visit our frequently asked questions page | Read FAQs > 

1 40 C.F.R. § 280.97 | View >