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Nogales | PM-10 Nonattainment Area

County Affected:

Parts of Santa Cruz County | View on a Map >

Nonattainment Area Designation Date:

Oct. 31, 1990
(55 FR 45799)

Classification Level: 


Pollutant of Concern:

PM10 (particulate matter 10 microns or less in diameter; 1987 standards)


The concentration of PM10 in the air in Nogales is occasionally above federal standards. ADEQ submitted a nonattainment State Implementation Plan (SIP) to EPA in 2012. EPA approved the plan in 2012 (77 FR 58962). The plan demonstrated that the Nogales area would attain the PM10 standards, if not for emissions from across the border. Such controls included in the plan are:

  • Chemical or water suppressants on materials piles
  • Pave public roads
  • Pave commercial parking lots
  • Curbing on paved roads

Sources of Pollutant:

  • Unpaved roads
  • Construction
  • Emissions coming over the border 

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