What is a Community Advisory Board (CAB)?

WQARF and Community Involvement

ADEQ is committed to keeping the public informed and involved in situations where hazardous materials impact the environment. For sites covered by WQARF, there are a number of community involvement requirements that ensure the public is informed and given an opportunity to participate in decisions concerning cleanup. These requirements include the formation of a Community Advisory Board (CAB), the creation of a Community Involvement Plan (CIP) for the site, numerous notices and public meetings.


ADEQ forms a Community Advisory Board (CAB) for each WQARF registry site that has implemented a remedial investigation. The main duty of a CAB is to advise ADEQ and the public of issues and concerns related to the remediation of the site. Representing a diverse cross section of the community in and around the site, CABs participate in community outreach, make site visits if necessary and provide information about cleanup goals, specific cleanup methods and other site-related issues. 


CABs are required to elect officers and develop a charter. They meet at least four times a year with ADEQ representatives to receive up-to-date information about a project’s status. ADEQ reps provide the CAB with technical explanations and facilitate discussions regarding community issues and concerns. They coordinate with ADEQ to produce newsletters and establish information repositories for public use. After sharing information they have learned with their fellow community members, they seek community feedback in order to ensure that all views are represented.


By Arizona statute, CABs are composed of five to 20 members, representing a cross section of the community, interested parties and affected groups. Members are chosen from applications reviewed by a selection committee composed of an ADEQ representative, a local elected official, two community members and an interested party (an owner or operator of a facility within the site or an affected business or industry). Preferably, members are willing to make at least a one-year commitment to serve on a CAB. Determining terms of service, filling vacancies, electing officers and other membership-related decisions are made by CAB members through the CAB’s charter.