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PUBLIC NOTICE | Preliminary Decision to Issue a State Water Quality Certification of a Federal Action to Arizona Department of Transportation

Pursuant to the Clean Water Act (CWA) Section 401 and in accordance with Arizona Administrative Code R18-1-401, the ADEQ Director intends to issue a conditional State 401 water quality certification for a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) CWA 404 Individual Permit to the following:

Applicant Information

Arizona Department of Transportation
Julie Gadsby, Asst. District Engineer
2140 W. Hilton Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85009

Project Name: SR202L (South Mountain Freeway) I-10 (Maricopa Freeway) to I-10 (Papago Freeway)

Project Location: Phoenix, AZ

USACE File No.: SPL-2002-00055-JMR
LTF No.: 65180

Review Documents

Original Published Public Notice | View/Print >
Draft Clean Water Act 401 Water Quality Certification | View >

Public Comment Period 

Dates: Jan. 20, 2017 – Feb. 21, 2016

Comments may be submitted as follows:
     By Email | Send Email > 
     By Mail (Must be postmarked by Feb 21, 2017):

       Rosi Sherrill
       Surface Water Section Project Manager
       1110 W. Washington Street, MC5415A-1
       Phoenix, AZ  85007 

You may also review the above documentation in person at the ADEQ Record Center | Learn How >