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Recycling Program

E-Waste Recycling

Revised On: Nov. 28, 2023 - 9:00 a.m.

ADEQ is an R2 Leader 

ADEQ has been working with communities to divert e-waste (used electronics) from the landfills since 2009.  By helping communities put together e-waste recycling events to collect local used electronics, there has been over 2.7 million pounds of e-waste recycled.  For that reason, ADEQ has become a R2 Leader which is a program that supports the responsible repair and recycling of all electronics.  R2 and e-Stewards are the two voluntary certification programs for e-waste recyclers. 

ADEQ also encourages people to make sure they are using a certified e-waste recycler. Learn more about R2 > and e-Stewards >

E-Waste Recycling Toolkit

Provides best practices, marketing materials, contacts, and other educational materials providing users with a roadmap to success for holding E-waste Events | View Toolkit >