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Hayden | Particulate Matter (PM-10) Nonattainment Area

County Affected:

Parts of Pinal County | View on a Map >

Nonattainment Area Designation Date:

Oct. 31, 1990
(55 FR 45799)

Classification Level: 


Pollutant of Concern:

PM10 (particulate matter 10 microns or less in diameter; 1987 standards)


The concentration of PM10 in the air in the Hayden, Arizona, PM10 nonattainment area (NAA) has recently triggered violations of the 1987 PM10 National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS). ADEQ is developing a nonattainment state implementation plan (SIP) revision that will provide for attainment of the PM10 NAAQS. As part of this plan revision, ADEQ must satisfy multiple required elements including an updated emissions inventory, control measure analysis, modeling demonstration, contingency measure and more. In 2018, ASARCO, a contributor to PM10 emissions in the NAA, completed numerous improvements to the Hayden copper smelter as part of a $180 million converter retrofit project that will further reduce PM10 concentrations in the NAA. Some of the controls implemented at the copper smelter include:

  • Ventilation hooding over furnaces
  • Baghouses for flash furnace and anode furnace
  • Paved road cleaning
  • Chemical dust suppressants for unpaved roads
  • Enclosed and ventilated storage of acid plant scrubber blowdown solids
  • Wind fences for byproduct storage

Sources of Pollutant: 

  • Copper smelter
  • Open burning and wildfires
  • Windblown dust

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