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WQD | Groundwater Engineering Review

Engineering Review Program

Groundwater Engineering Review

Revised On: Nov. 28, 2023 - 7:30 p.m.

The groundwater engineering review team conducts technical reviews of various infrastructure projects in Arizona that are related to ADEQ groundwater permits.


ADEQ reviews subdivision applications for adequate water facilities, sewage disposal systems, and garbage collection and disposal services | Learn About Subdivision Approval >

Sewage Collection Systems

Sewage collection systems include pipelines, manholes, pumping stations, force mains, and all other structures and devices that collect and transport sewer from residential, commercial and industrial buildings to a sewage treatment facility or to an onsite wastewater treatment facility | Learn About Sewage Collection System Approval >

Onsite Wastewater (septic) Systems

An onsite wastewater treatment facility refers to a conventional septic tank system or alternative system installed at a site to treat and dispose of wastewater, predominantly of human origin, generated at that site | Learn About Septic Systems, Including New Product Approvals >

Public/Semi-Public Swimming Pools

ADEQ only reviews public and semi-public swimming pools and spas. ADEQ does not review the plans of residential pools or spas | Learn About Public/Semi-Public Pool Approval >

Unsure where you need to submit your Engineering Review documents and applications?

See ADEQ's listing of Delegated Agencies | View Listing >