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Tribal Relations


Building Partnerships with Arizona Tribal Governments

Revised On: Oct. 3, 2023 - 9:00 a.m.

ADEQ is committed to building trust and understanding with Tribal governments to reach a common goal of protecting and enhancing public health and the environment. Because environmental integrity of entire ecosystems cannot be regulated in isolation and pollution is not restricted by jurisdiction, Tribal governments and ADEQ have practical interests in working together to assure that we coordinate efforts in providing a model for overall Tribal-State cooperation protecting and enhancing public health and Arizona's unique environment.

As part of Tribes' efforts to build internal capacity, ADEQ will share compliance assistance tools and provide technical assistance as requested. Our continued support is in the best interest of Arizona and all its residents, and will not be used as the basis for assertion of State authority on Tribal land.

The Department of Interior recognizes 22 Tribal governments within Arizona that have jurisdiction over approximately 28 percent of Arizona’s land. ADEQ recognizes the sovereignty of these Tribal governments and their jurisdiction over their lands.

We will continue to develop mutual cooperative relationships with Tribes and respect their challenges and concerns.