PRESS RELEASE: Online portal brings $145 million in estimated annual economic benefit

PHOENIX (May 2, 2019) – The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) announces the addition of three new services to myDEQ. This one-stop-shop online platform is a nation-leading environmental permitting and reporting portal that has resulted in faster identification of violations, increased compliance, and reduced permitting wait times; allowing ADEQ to better protect public health and the environment while moving at the speed of business in Arizona.

Reporting for Pollution Prevention Planning, Air Quality Compliance Certifications and Water Quality Exceedances join 55 other services that have been migrated to myDEQ since 2015. 

Transitioning services online has:

  • Allowed for same-day identification of potential violations.
  • Increased compliance rates by 60 percent.
  • Reduced permit application processing times by an average of 95 percent.
  • Saved ADEQ staff 100,000 hours, allowing them to focus on additional efforts to protect public health and the environment.

The estimated annual economic benefit to Arizona is $145 Million, based on a calculator that takes into account publicly available economic and labor rates data and the World Bank assessment of permit processing time.

In his 2019 Inaugural address, Governor Ducey said:

“With a real momentum going, it’s time to press forward on some of the biggest challenges facing us… Holding the line on the inevitable creep of bigger, bloated government -- and instead, making government smarter and more responsive to our citizens.”

This is what Arizonans have to say about myDEQ:

“…an effective digital solution helping businesses attend to their local environmental priorities and responsibilities while staying competitive in local and global markets.” – Steve Trussell, Arizona Rock Products Association

“…perfect example of government streamlining their processes to meet the needs of businesses and other stakeholders. The increase in permitting speed and the ease of doing business makes the myDEQ portal invaluable to our membership.” – Mike Huckins, Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce

“myDEQ is so much better than the previous way of compiling and submitting the reports. It is much clearer what is due each quarter; easier to get the necessary review and approval; and faster to check and verify the data.” – Kim Durning, City of Chandler

“The myDEQ portal is a 360 degree win. The environment wins, businesses win, and most importantly, the people of Arizona win,” said Misael Cabrera, ADEQ Director. “By radically simplifying permitting and reporting processes in this online platform, Arizona continues our work to be on the leading-edge of environmental protection.”

ADEQ has placed 34 percent of its services online with a goal of 80 percent by 2022. Previously, ADEQ was manually processing 28,000 permit transactions each year and reviewing thousands of paper reports. With myDEQ, online applications help simplify complex rule interpretations and allow users to easily navigate processes for reporting compliance data. Assessing the data digitally, instead of on paper, allows ADEQ to notify customers of compliance status more quickly. If a violation occurs, the facility is promptly informed and can take action to address the issue to get back into compliance. By reducing staff hours spent on paper documents, ADEQ can reallocate resources towards proactive efforts to protect public health and the environment in Arizona.

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