PRESS RELEASE | Governor Doug Ducey's FY 2022 Executive Budget Proposal Provides Continued Full Funding for State Water Quality Assurance Revolving Fund | What Stakeholders Are Saying

PHOENIX (Feb. 2, 2021) — ADEQ thanks Governor Doug Ducey for dedicating $5 million in the FY 2022 Executive Budget Proposal to provide for continued full funding for the Water Quality Assurance Revolving Fund (WQARF) program at
$15 million. This funding will help ensure Arizonans have clean water and unencumbered land for development today and for our future. The WQARF program cleans up soil and groundwater contamination statewide, oversees privately funded cleanups and provides environmental emergency response services. 

In FY 2020 alone, ADEQ’s WQARF program treated seven billion gallons of groundwater and removed about 610 tons of metals and hazardous wastes and close to 8,000 pounds of volatile organic compounds to protect and enhance public health and Arizona’s unique environment.  

Approximately 300,000 acre feet per year of water is contaminated in Arizona. With record drought conditions ongoing, actions by the WQARF program are critical to protecting our groundwater and surface water resources for continued growth.

Governor Ducey’s FY 2022 Executive Budget Proposal supports the following WQARF program priorities:

  • Continued operation of groundwater treatment systems that provide essential drinking water for communities in Tucson, Payson and Flowing Wells,
  • The Central Tucson PFAS Project actions to protect Tucson’s backup drinking water supply from PFAS-contaminated groundwater, 
  • Addressing 35 active WQARF sites statewide, and 
  • Environmental emergency response activities.

“The City of Phoenix currently has 15 WQARF sites within our boundaries and we recognize that additional sites could be added in the future,” said Karen L. Peters, City of Phoenix Deputy City Manager. “As a water provider, we are supportive of ADEQ's efforts through the WQARF program to identify and remediate groundwater contamination so that our future drinking water supply is protected and safe.”

“SRP supports the leadership of Governor Ducey and Director Cabrera in advocating for full funding of Arizona’s WQARF Program,” said Kelly Barr, SRP Associate General Manager and Chief Strategy, Corporate Services and Sustainability Executive. “Full funding will help ADEQ accelerate efforts to clean up legacy contaminants.”  

“The Arizona Chamber of Commerce & Industry strongly supports Governor Ducey’s call for continued full funding for WQARF,” Arizona Chamber President and CEO Glenn Hamer said. “The state’s job creators are committed to responsible surface and groundwater stewardship, and WQARF is an essential element of that effort. We look forward to this needed investment’s inclusion in a final FY 2022 budget package.” 

Using the Arizona Management System, ADEQ’s WQARF program team is committed to continuing to aggressively move WQARF Registry sites through the necessary investigation and remediation phases in collaboration with affected communities and businesses. Whether cleaning up contaminants in small towns or city centers, or deploying emergency response to hazardous releases across our state, the WQARF program directly benefits public health, Arizona’s unique environment and the economy.

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