PRESS RELEASE | Give the Best Gift this 2021 Holiday Season -- The Gift of Clean Air

ADEQ today announced the kick-off of its annual holiday air quality awareness campaign, Give the Gift of Clean Air. ADEQ invites Arizona residents and visitors to follow us on social media to stay air aware, access information and share resources for giving the gift of clean air:

As the cooler weather sets in for the holiday season, wood burning in fireplaces, outdoor fire pits and even fireworks can have a big impact on air quality. During periods of light winds and calm weather conditions, smoke from these activities can build up within an area and force people inside. For example, last year Phoenix recorded the worst air quality for smoke since 2010. Particulate Matter 2.5 was over six times higher than the federal health standard during New Year’s.

The science linking air pollution to negative health effects combined with ongoing research related to air pollution and COVID-19 underscore the importance of continuing efforts to maintain and improve air quality:

The quality of the air we breathe is more important than ever and all Arizonans deserve the cleanest air possible — especially those with compromised health. People most vulnerable to air pollution include children, older adults, adults exercising and working outdoors, people with heart or lung disease and those who suffer from asthma and bronchitis or other respiratory issues.

“Clean air is essential for a healthy life and there is no greater gift we can give one another than the gift of clean air,” said ADEQ Air Quality Division Director Daniel Czecholinski. “When we choose to Give the Gift of Clean Air, our small actions add up to cleaner air for everyone this holiday season and throughout the year.”

Please consider these opportunities to Give the Gift of Clean Air:

  • Download the Air Arizona App — Free air quality mobile app (available in English and Spanish) that displays hourly air quality forecasts for various Arizona communities to help people plan their day, reduce potential health impacts of air pollution and take actions to improve air quality. Air Arizona also provides High Pollution Watch and Advisory alerts | Learn More >
  • Take advantage of ADEQ’s Voluntary Vehicle Repair Program (VVRP) — The VVRP pays up to $900 of emissions-related vehicle repairs after a failed emissions test | Learn More >
  • Use electric instead of gasoline-powered lawn and garden equipment — People in the Phoenix and Tucson areas may qualify for vouchers toward the purchase of new electric or battery-powered lawn mowers and hand-held devices by exchanging old gas-powered equipment through Maricopa County’s Mowing Down Pollution Program or Pima County’s Cut Down Pollution Program | Learn More >
  • Use a propane fire pit — People who live in the Phoenix area may qualify for a $75 voucher for a propane fire pit from the Maricopa County Air Quality Department | Learn More >
  • Consider upgrading your wood burning fireplace — See Environmental Protection Agency guidance for selecting a new fireplace | View >
    If you live in certain parts of the Phoenix area, you may qualify for the Maricopa County fireplace retrofit program | Learn More >
  • An Arizona State Parks and Trails annual pass or gift card — Enjoy your efforts to help improve air quality across the state | Learn More >

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