PRESS RELEASE | Gila County awarded $95,000 grant to demolish abandoned building

PHOENIX (June 19, 2019) – The Arizona Department of Environment Quality (ADEQ) is granting $95,000 to Gila County from the Brownfields Program to clean up an abandoned property in Hayden, Ariz. Through teamwork between ADEQ, the Gila County Board of Supervisors and the Arizona Department of Revenue, the remains of a dilapidated building will be removed, and the property can be rehabilitated into useful space once again.

“The residents of Hayden/Winkelman have seen this building crumble for many years, but dealing with it required taking resources from other essential town services,” said County Supervisor Woody Cline. “Once I became aware of the issue, this was one of the very first projects that I knew I needed to address. By problem-solving with ADEQ, we were able to find the needed funding essential to cleaning up this property and putting it back into productive use.”

Once a small hotel that accommodated travelers through Gila County, the property located at 637 Hwy 177 in Hayden was abandoned many years ago; as such, the building deteriorated. In 2018, a windstorm damaged the building and debris began blowing into neighboring properties. Concerned about health and safety of nearby residents, Cline contacted ADEQ for help to address the issue. ADEQ investigated ownership of the property and found there was a lien on the property because of back taxes owed to the County. Following discussions with the Arizona Department of Revenue about options to address the lien, Gila County was able to assume control of the property in order to apply for funding from the ADEQ Brownfields Program, which assists in addressing environmental issues that come with unused and abandoned buildings.

“As an abandoned private property, there was no owner available to assist with granting access to the site and potential cleanup after it was damaged in a storm,” said Hunter Moore, Natural Resource Policy Adviser at the Governor's Office. “By coordinating efforts with State agencies and the County, we were able to cut through red tape and solve the problem. Cleanup can now move forward, protecting public health and the environment at surrounding properties."

After cleanup, Gila County will work with Hayden/Winkelman to redevelop the land. Plans include potentially expanding a pullout for large trucks next to the only restaurant in that area and a small park with historical information. 

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