ADEQ Nitrate Test Result of Johnson Utilities (PWS 11182) in Pinal County Drinking Water Confirms Level Met Federal Health Standard

Today, the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) received the test result of the drinking water sample we collected independently on Dec. 5, 2016, from Johnson Utilities public water system in Pinal County. ADEQ is pleased to let Johnson Utilities customers know that our test, which used certified analytical methods, demonstrated the nitrate level met the federal drinking water standard. The ADEQ test result showed a nitrate level of 8.4 mg/L, lower than the federal standard of 10 mg/L, also known as a Maximum Contaminant Level. This test result independently re-confirmed that the Johnson Utilities nitrate drinking water problem reported Fri., Dec. 2, 2016 is resolved. Due to Johnson Utilities' nitrate levels in drinking water, ADEQ now is requiring they monitor for nitrate more frequently.

As part of ADEQ's effort to continuously improve our processes, if a public water system we regulate fails to notify its customers of water quality concerns as required, ADEQ is committed to inform the affected public about specific water quality issues and water use restrictions, as well as recommend actions affected customers take to protect their health.

If you are Johnson Utilities customer and want information about your water, contact Katherine Nierva with Johnson Utilities at 480-998-3300 or visit the Arizona Safe Drinking Water Information System online to view public water system information and test results 24/7.

As always, if you have specific concerns about your health, ADEQ recommends you contact your physician.