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Public Notice
Waste Division

Luke Air Force Base is currently assessing whether there is community interest to re-establish a Restoration Advisory Board (RAB).

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RABs are community groups which meet to discuss and receive information on environmental restoration (cleanup) projects at military bases. RABs facilitate and improve communication, outreach, and transparency between the military base, the public, regulators, local governments, and interest groups for issues related to military cleanup activities. This community input offers a structured, focused, and interactive opportunity for community stakeholders to meaningfully participate in the cleanup process. RABs enable local community members to receive from and exchange information with the base and regulatory agencies managing environmental cleanup projects at Luke Air Force Base.

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If you are interested in learning more about Luke Air Force Base's environmental restoration projects and giving your input to base and regulatory agencies on the management of cleanup projects at Luke, either as a RAB member or by attending RAB meetings, please contact:

Dr. Kimberly Horsley
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Deadline to contact: April 30, 2023