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Public Notice

On April 21, 2023, the comment period begins for the Groundwater Rule Clarification and Citation Cleanup rulemaking. The comment period ends on May 22, 2023.

Public Notice Information

ADEQ identified the need for technical corrections to the groundwater rules during the prior five-year rule reviews of 18 AAC Chapters 5, 6 and 11. This expedited rulemaking is limited to correcting typographical errors, correcting outdated citations, clarifying language, and fixing similar clerical issues. These technical corrections will not change the meaning of the rules beyond what is already intended and will not add additional burden. As corresponding and referenced statutes and rules change, associated rules must also be corrected, and mistakes concurrently fixed.

The Notices of Proposed Expedited Rulemakings (NPERMs) were filed with the Secretary of State’s office and published on April 21, 2023:

Groundwater Rule Clarification and Citation Cleanup Rulemaking | Learn More >

Public Comment Period 

Dates: April 21, 2023 – May 22, 2023

Comments may be submitted as follows:

     By Email | Send Email >   
     By Mail (Must be postmarked or received by May 22, 2023):

       Water Quality Division
       Attn: Jon Rezabek
       1110 W. Washington St.
       Phoenix, AZ 85007