Frequently Asked Questions | Operator Certification Online Portal

Which internet browsers work best with the online portal?

Chrome or Firefox is best for accessing the online portal from a PC; Chrome, Firefox and Safari are all best for accessing the portal from a Mac.

How do I find the email address ADEQ has on file for me?

Your email on file with ADEQ can be found by searching the Operator Database | Search Now >

What if my email address is listed incorrectly or I can no longer access the address?

To update your email on file, contact us at 602-771-0100 or by email | [email protected] >

What do I do if the portal asks for a password after I enter my email address to register?

First, check the Operator Database to confirm you are entering the correct email address on file | Search Now >

If the issue persists, contact us at 602-771-0100 or by email | [email protected] >

What if I don't receive a verification code?

You must click "SEND ME THE CODE." After the verification code screen appears, you should receive the email within 30 seconds. If you don't see it, check your "Spam" email folder. If it's there, you may need to adjust your spam filter settings to allow our system emails into your inbox.

Why aren't my professional development hours (PDHs) applicable to the certificate(s) I am renewing?

All PDHs must be earned during your three-year certificate window. Confirm that the start and end dates of the training are within the three-year window (e.g., If your expiration date is Nov. 30, 2020 your three-year window is Nov. 30, 2017 to Nov. 30, 2020).

Will I get a receipt for paying for my certification online?

Yes. The Arizona Department of Administration manages the payment site (J-Billing), which generates an email with a receipt attached upon payment. This receipt is sent to the email address entered on the payment screen (not necessarily the email on file in the Operator Database).