Hazardous Waste Compliance Assistance | Making an Accurate Waste Determination

There are two options for making an accurate hazardous waste determination: using a laboratory analysis or generator knowledge.

Laboratory Analysis

  • RCRA 8 Metals - Totals1 | Learn More >
  • RCRA 8 Metals - TCLP — Method 1311| Learn More >
  • Volatile Organic Compounds — Method 8260D
  • Semi-Volatile Organic Compounds — Method 8270E
  • Organochlorine Pesticides — Method 8081B
  • Chlorinated Herbicides — Method 8151A

Contact your laboratory ahead of time to see if they require specific containers or preservatives. Laboratories used for waste determinations must be certified by the Arizona Department of Health Services (AZDHS) | Find a Certified Lab > 

If you are unsure whether the lab is certified, you may inquire with the laboratory or contact AZDHS directly.

Additional information on laboratory test methods | Visit EPA Website >

Generator Knowledge

In many situations, documentation of a generator’s detailed knowledge of the waste and the process that generated it can be a substitute for laboratory analysis. Note: An SDS on its own is not enough for a waste determination without generator knowledge of the process from which the waste was generated.


If you need any assistance determining which laboratory analysis to select, or have any questions on how to make an accurate waste determination, please contact the Hazardous Waste Inspections & Compliance Unit at 602-771-0099 or 602-771-4556.