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WQD | Protect Our Waters

Surface Water Protection

Protect Our Waters

Revised On: May 9, 2024 - 9:30 a.m.

Arizona is a beautiful state, providing recreators with iconic landscapes to appreciate, ranging from the Grand Canyon’s mighty Colorado River to Sedona’s meandering Oak Creek. Together, let's make a difference and protect our precious Arizona lakes, rivers and streams!

What Can I Do to Help Protect Our Waters?

  • Help clean up trash in and around waterways and help stop poo-llution | Watch Video >
  • Download a mobile app to submit photos and answer questions that help ADEQ scientists protect Arizona waterbodies | Learn More >
  • Properly dispose of diapers and other trash (pack it out & reduce, reuse, recycle!)
  • Use a designated restroom
  • Pick up and properly dispose of your dog's waste
  • Never dump pesticides, oils or fuels — research proper disposal methods for your area
  • Become a citizen scientist by joining Arizona Water Watch | Learn How >
  • Check the calendar (on the sidebar) for any upcoming cleanup events and join


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