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Why do I need a Public and Semi-Public Swimming Pool and Spa Approval of Construction?

This permit is for after construction of public and semi-public pools and spas. An Approval of Construction is a certificate that allows an applicant to operate a public or semi-public swimming pool or spa after construction and final testing have been completed. Facilities must receive an Approval to Construct prior to construction, then an Approval of Construction is granted by ADEQ upon completion of construction and prior to operation of the facility, if the requirements have been met. The primary components necessary to obtain an Approval of Construction Permit are as-built plans and the engineer’s certificate of completion (ECC). Public swimming pools and spas are pools and spas that are open to the public with or without a fee, including swimming pools and spas that are operated by a county, municipality, political subdivision, school district, university, college, or a commercial establishment whose primary business is the operation of a swimming pool or spa. Semi-public swimming pools and spas are swimming pools and spas operated for the residents of lodgings such as hotels, motels, resorts, apartments, condominiums, townhouse complexes, trailer courts, mobile home parks, or similar establishments. Semi-public swimming pools and spas include those operated by a neighborhood or community association for the residents of the community and their guests and swimming pools and spas at a country club, health club, camp, or similar establishment where the primary business of the establishment is not the operation of the facility and where the use of the facility is included in the fee for the primary use of the establishment. This permit is valid for the life of the facility.

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