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Idle Reduction Program | Toolkit

The following information and materials are designed to:

  • Highlight the benefits of adopting an Idle Reduction Program for your school district
  • Outline how to launch and maintain an Idle Reduction Program at your school district

Toolkit Materials

  • Transportation Guidelines — This can be edited to meet specific district/school needs | Download (Word) >
  • Idle Reduction Program Information Slides  This PowerPoint can be incorporated into an existing presentation or used to develop a new presentation for stakeholders to raise awareness and highlight the benefits of launching or maintaining an Idle Reduction Program | Download (Powerpoint) >
  • Idle Reduction Best Practices Printout  This list of best idle reduction practices can be used and/or edited to include additional practices that may apply to your school district and distributed to bus drivers | View/Download >
  • Idle Reduction Best Practices Slides  These PowerPoint slides can be incorporated into a presentation to school board members or bus drivers to reinforce the best practices on the printout | Download (Powerpoint) >
  • Idle Reduction Poster — The Taking Part, Idling Smart poster can be displayed in prominent areas for bus drivers | View/Download >

Launching a New Idle Reduction Program or Improving an Existing Program

To get started:

  1. Open and review Idle Reduction Program Toolkit resources to determine when, where and how these tools can be used in your school district.
  2. Download resources from the toolkit.
  3. Use the tools and what you learned from the toolkit to establish your school district’s Idle Reduction Program. Actions you can take include:
    • establishing best practices for drivers
    • discussing the topic of idle reduction with drivers regularly
    • encouraging drivers to contribute their ideas to your program
    • identifying ways to motivate drivers to take action
    • recognizing drivers for their efforts
  4. Share your school district's idle reduction efforts with school district employees.  Encourage them to take part by sharing links and information about the school district’s Idle Reduction Program in their newsletters, on posters, inside bus windows, and more.
  5. Consider technology options that may help your program grow. These options include automatic engine shut-down/startup systems and GPS units.
  6. Share your success with us, when you have launched your school district’s Idle Reduction Program | Contact Us >

If you have questions about how to use the toolkit, please contact us | Email >