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Emergency Response Fund (ERF) FAQs


Emergency Response Fund (ERF) FAQs

Revised On: April 2, 2024 - 3:00 p.m.

Emergency Response Fund (ERF) is an annual fund of $132,800 designed to provide safety equipment to first responders who encounter potential HAZMAT incidents. The ERF is funded in accordance with Arizona Revised Statute (ARS) § 49-132. Each year, ADEQ receives equipment requests from an average of 65 departments and agencies across the state.

Those eligible to apply include:

  • First Responders (firefighters and law enforcement, including all Tribal fire departmentss and law enforcement)
  • Emergency Management personnel that respond to HAZMAT incidents and on-scene coordinators
  • Supporting agencies that respond to HAZMAT incidents (e.g., public health agencies)

Agencies do not have to be a designated HAZMAT team to apply for the ERF. 


The ERF supports first responders statewide, particularly those in rural and underserved areas. Without the proper equipment, responding agencies may be unable to secure a scene or prevent an incident from escalating in magnitude. By maximizing the utilization of ERF funds, ADEQ is able to support first responders in their mission to protect public health and the environment of Arizona.

Announcement letters indicating that the request period is open are sent out annually on July 1st to Local Emergency Planning Committees, County Emergency Managers, Tribes, fire departments, and other first responders. The announcement letter includes instructions on how to apply. 

The award criteria is based on relative importance and maximum benefit/impact enabling the recipient to protect responders and/or the public.  This fund is for HAZMAT equipment only.

If you are a member of the Local Emergency Planning Committee, County Emergency Management, Tribal entity, fire department, or other first responder agency and DID NOT receive an announcement letter, you may notify us by email | Email >

The process is as follows:

  1. ERF announcement letters are sent to  Local Emergency Planning Committees, County Emergency Managers, Tribes, fire departments, and other first responders by July 1.
  2. The application period is for 60 days from the date of the announcement (July 1 – September 1).
  3. The applications are reviewed by ADEQ Emergency Response Unit staff for relevant criteria.
  4. Non-criteria items are excluded.
  5. Award letters are sent to ERF recipients by November 1. 
  6. Once equipment is received by ADEQ staff, pickup and/or delivery of items will be scheduled.
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