What is Shredder Residue?

Shredder Residue is the waste from the shredding of motor vehicles.1 Shredder residue must be treated, recycled, sorted, stored or disposed of at an ADEQ-approved special waste facility.2 Any facility wanting to become a special waste facility is required to submit a special waste management plan to ADEQ for review and approval.

Shredder Residue Sampling

Shredder residue generators are required to follow one of the sampling procedures listed in rule3 or submit an alternative plan for ADEQ review and approval at least two weeks prior to the sampling event. All requirements for sampling listed in rule are to be followed to acquire accurate sample data | Learn More >

Shredder residue determined to be hazardous waste must be managed in accordance with Arizona's hazardous waste laws and rules.4

Shredder Residue Storage

A generator cannot store shredder residue for longer than 90 days. A special waste facility cannot store shredder residue for longer than one year.5

A generator of shredder residue is required to do the following for storage of special waste:6

  • Secure the facility to prevent unauthorized entry
  • Cover or otherwise manage the shredder residue pile to prevent wind dispersal
  • Place the shredder residue pile on a surface with a permeability coefficient equal to or less than 1x10-7 cm/s
  • Design, construct, operate and maintain a run-on control system capable of preventing flow onto the waste pile during peak discharge from, at a minimum, a 25-year storm event
  • Provide collection and holding facilities for run-on and run-off control systems, which must have a permeability coefficient equal to or less than 1x10-7 cm/s
  • Record the accumulation start date of the shredder residue